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Frontend Developer

In order to start the task, please download the necessary files which contain all the content you will need.

Task Description

Please create a responsive html page based on the design files as well as the following specifications:

  • Implement Roboto as the base typo.

  • Responsive page design is a minimum, for tablets please find your own design solution.

  •  Please implement a fluid page design.

  • If the user hovers over the button, it should become slightly bigger.

  • Add icons and list elements via glyphicons-webfont.

  • The box on the right in the design should be hidden at the beginning.

  • A click on the orange button shows the hidden text-box (upper-right corner). When displaying the text-box the button should be hidden (animation would be nice but not nessessary).

  • Please also send us a final built together with the source code if you are using npm, yarn or similar tools.

You are welcome to use native JavaScript, Angular, Bootstrap, SASS and other similar libraries.

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