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 Python Developer (m/f/d)

In order to give our customers access to the latest and most interesting job offers out there, we have developed intelligent algorithms combined with machine learning.

 Frontend Webdeveloper (m/f/d)

If you love to develop breathtaking interfaces, focusing on driving customer engagement through coherent and elegant user experience.


For this exciting position, we are seeking an experienced DevOps engineer with a solid backround in designing, analyzing, maintaining and troubleshooting large-scale distributed system evironments.

 Senior PHP Developer (m/f/d)

Software development and software optimizing is on of your passions and you like to work in a team where transparancy, team spirit and innovation are of high value.

 PHP Developer (m/f/d)

Software development and software optimizing is on of your passions and you like to work in a team where transparancy, team spirit and innovation are of high value.

 Team Lead PHP Backend Development (m/f/d)

For this exciting position we are looking for someone who loves to share his coding skills and experience in order to lead, guide and develop one of our web application development teams in our headquarter in Hamburg, Germany.

 Team Lead Frontend Development (m/f/d)

If you are a motivated and talented engineer who loves to share his experience, guide people and you are looking for a challenging and invigorating place to work, you just found, what you have been looking for.

Senior Quality Assurance Engineer (m/w/d)

For us, quality assurance goes beyond just testing software, it includes the need to continuously think about how to improve the quality of our products and QA processes. As a member of our Quality Assurance team, you are the final acceptance point in our software development process. Therefore, you work very closely with our product management and R&D department.


Junior E-Mail Marketing Manager (m/w/d)

Nach einer kurzen Einarbeitungsphase verstärkst Du unser Team und übernimmst eigenständig Verantwortung für einzelne E-Marketing Kampagnen. Du lernst dabei E-Mail Marketing von der Pieke auf und entwickelst Dich zu einem echten Spezialisten in dem Bereich. Deine Aufgaben umfassen hierbei insbesondere die folgenden Tätigkeiten: Planung, Steuerung,...


Customer Interaction Specialist (m/w/d)

Nach dem Motto, „Der Kunde ist König“, bist Du als Customer Interaction Specialist (m/w) das Ohr und die Schnittstelle zu unseren Kunden. Dein Anspruch ist es, immer die beste Lösung zu finden und den PREMIUM Anspruch von JobLeads nach außen zu repräsentieren.


Business Intelligence Manager (m/f/d)

Our Business Intelligence is a central part of our organization and assists all stakeholder in retrieving and interpreting all relevant data. As a Business Intelligence Manager you will work on a wide variety of interesting and challenging tasks from acquiring data to automating reports and presenting information.

Team Lead International Content Management (m/f/d)

For this exciting role, we are looking for an analytical self-starter that is eager to tackle new problems, someone looking for a meaningful daily challenge and not merely a job. If you can identify yourself with this role and bring along the following qualifications, this is the perfect job for your.

International Performance Marketing Expert (m/f/d)

Thanks to our talented marketing experts each month over 200.000 new users register with JobLeads across 18 countries. As we are rapidly expanding around the globe, we are looking for self-motivated, international-minded performance marketing experts. Come join us on our journey to support senior level job seekers worldwide.

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